Lead Conversion Training

In our last video we covered the Mastermind Group, which is one of our training opportunities for our new and veteran agents. The objectives for those meetings include closing out action items, creating new action items and tasks and of course talking about the customer relationships that we have so that we can each develop and grow.

​What is the next training opportunity you can share with us?

You’ve heard me talk about our CRM platform before and CINC is our abbreviation for that. The next training opportunity that we’re going to talk about is CINC training, which we hold for our agents every other Wednesday at 2 p.m.

​What is the CINC meeting format?

The format for this training is laser focused on the three most recent leads that have come into a Realtors pipeline. What we’re talking about is how did the lead come in, how did the agent handle the lead when it came in, and trying to figure out ways that we can better convert that client.

​What is the CINC meeting objective?

The objective is quite simply client conversion. It’s been really fascinating to have these meetings, with the idea being how can we take a lead that is not a sphere of influence lead, not a warm lead, how can we take effectively a cold lead that’s coming in and to endear that person to you and encourage them to go on with the next meeting. Conversion is absolutely the objective of the CINC meeting training.

​Has this meeting been a success for your Realtors?

It has been and it’s very measured. By putting every one of these leads up on the whiteboard and coaching agents on how they can better convert, it works for everyone. What we find is that Realtors who participate in the CINC meeting training have a much higher conversion rate than agents that don’t.

​What will you share with us next?

Next we’re going to be talking about round table meetings. We’re going to stick with this theme of Realtor training. I’m very excited to be able to tell you about what the round table meeting is and how it’s benefited all of our Realtors.

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