Mastermind Sessions

Why is coaching so important?

Coaching is critical for everyone, I don’t care what industry you’re in. Whether it’s real estate or something else, everybody needs coaching. I’ve had a business coach myself and it had a huge impact on my career. We want to make sure that we can impart wisdom and give Realtors education in order to grow their business.

Mastermind Groups

The first resource that comes to mind for me is something that we call Mastermind group. This is something that’s held here at the office every Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. It involves getting a group together and going through a variety of different subjects. The meeting format for these is that we start with a completion of previous tasks. We close out each meeting with a task list, so we start each meeting with what did you accomplish from the previous task that you that you had self assigned?

After that we’re going to go into an overview of three of the most recent clients that you’ve had. What we want to do here is share with the group how the transaction has occurred, what was the origin, and were there any hurdles, successes, or failures? That’s hugely beneficial to the group to be able to share those around the room.

Then of course we’re going to close out again with those action items. We want to find something that we can be held accountable to, that we know will help promote our business and grow our business development.

What is the meeting objective?

The meeting objective is success. We want to make sure that our Realtors are prepared for more business success and that they can learn from potential mistakes and successes that other agents have made, so that they can adopt the best practices. This is all about promoting more business and having Realtors who are are trained for any environment.

As far as other training and resources from the My Realtors firm, in our next video what we’re going to talk about is CINC training. This has to do with our with our online lead management, so I’m excited to talk with you about about CINC training and how that really helps our agents.

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