The Team Behind Galleries at NoDa

My name is TJ Larsen, and I’m sitting here in the Galleries at NoDa. I’m the founder of My Townhome Realty, and we’ve been blessed over the years to work on over 50 condominium and town home complexes. We are experts in terms of bringing properties to market, new construction, condo, and town home communities.

I was approached by Bob Nixon and Tony Zhang. They had an idea for an iconic condominium building for sale in the NoDa area, called the Galleries NoDa. They brought the concept to me, looking for a sales and marketing team who could really get the word out to the public and share this to everybody who would be excited about the project. The concept behind the building was a 39-unit condominium complex with retail below, a massive amenity deck, secured parking, bright and light filled halls, tons of glass, and stunning appeal on the exterior. That concept came together flawlessly with Galleries NoDa.

Any big project like this requires a great team behind it, and one thing that I needed to do on my end was make sure that I assembled everything that we needed in order to really pull off the sales and marketing for the project. So, what I started to really dig into is the question of what truly the Galleries NoDa is. I sat down with our marketing team, and with our designer John Baxter, who is a very talented individual. John and I reviewed the floor plans, the site plan, and the renderings, because we were initially selling this building as a steel structure before anything was built on site. It was a great experience, because what John and I were able to put together was an image of exactly what the Galleries NoDa would be for the buyers who were going to live here.

We had a lot to work with from the start. Ed Hickman, who owns Studio Fusion, is the architect of record for this project and did an unbelievably good job. He built this project with 39 condos that are one bedroom and two bedrooms, but multiple unique floor plans. He gave buyers the opportunity to really choose a home that fit what they needed in their life, whether it be the size, or the ceiling height, or where it faced, or where it was in the community. Ed really did a phenomenal job in the design on the building. Once we had everything together from a marketing perspective, where we had the concept put together and complete and ready to release publicly, we needed to find a voice for the project. That’s where the sales team came in.

I recruited from within for the sales team on this project. At My Townhome Realty, we have 50 real estate brokers, so we had a lot of quality folks that we could choose from. On this particular project, I wanted to find three brokers that would be very committed to the project and that would really love what Galleries NoDa has to offer and be able to convey that message to buyers. Rob Swaringen is a member of the team, he’s kind of Mr. Dilworth. He’s done an enormous amount of condo and townhome sales in Dilworth and the surrounding inner ring neighborhoods. Rob was able to really jump into the project and embrace it and has done an unbelievably good job. Next on the team was Amy Goeken. Amy is extremely detail oriented, and in a condo project like this, you’ve got a million different moving pieces. Amy was able to look at everything on a really granular level and understand the project and make sure that we had all of our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed and that we were paying attention to every single detail. Amy was phenomenal on the project. Finally, was Andrea Jones. Andrea has an unbelievable social network, and she knows everything about NoDa that there is to know. She knows where all the amenities are, and all of the great spots that people can visit here. She could really make the neighborhood come alive for buyers and expose them to everything that NoDa has to offer.

By putting all these pieces together, by having this unbelievable marketing package, by working with these designers, by having a great project to start with from the beginning, and then having a top-level sales team to bring it to market, we’ve really been incredibly successful with this project.

I’m sitting here today in a project that we received the certificate of occupancy for just one week ago, and of the 39 original homes, we only have four homes remaining. This project’s been an unbelievable success and has been extremely well received by the community.

To bring a condominium project this size to market and have it come off without a hitch as Galleries NoDa did, you really need to have a great team. So I’m here to thank everybody who was involved, from the very beginning, developing this iconic building. Thank you to Bob and Tony, who did a phenomenal job in putting the Galleries NoDa together, to Ed Hickman with Studio Fusion for taking the concept of this building and putting together architecture that included something for absolutely everybody, to our design team and John Baxter and everybody who worked on the marketing packages for this project, and of course to our sales team who really conveyed this message to everyone and made sure that all the buyers in the market knew that Galleries NoDa was open for business and that we had homes that would be great for them.

More importantly, thank you to our buyers. Without you, this building wouldn’t be possible. And we hope that you enjoy Galleries NoDa for years to come.


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